Who is Potentiam?

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Where it all started


Christopher Lydiard-Wilson and Charles Fenton founded Potentiam following their experience of running a global energy consultancy acquired by Accenture with over 60% of their 300 staff in Romania and India.  


EnergyQuote JHA, our energy services business had multiple service lines in procurement, risk management, data analytics, sustainability reporting and strategic consulting being delivered to international corporations globally. 


Our challenge was how could we balance our ambitious growth plans with a limited management bandwidth , available talent and tight budgets. 


By unlocking the power of offshore capabilities, Christopher and Charles were able to scale far faster than their competitors. Our offshore teams turned EnergyQuote JHA into a leading global energy services provider, and ultimately, a valuable exit to Accenture in 2015. 


Teams in Romania and Bangalore enabled its founders to extract a far higher valuation without the need for equity dilution or debilitating debt. 


Cost savings was a consideration, but in fact 5 times more value was realised from their offshore teams, in areas not at all evident at the beginning of our scaling journey. Our offshore teams transformed our business, and allowed us to: 

  • Deliver our 5 year technology and data road map in 2 years,  
  • Access to technical skills we could not find locally,  
  • unlock the most valuable capacity of our senior staff by providing very capable resource earlier in their growth journey,  
  • Innovate faster with new services with less risk 
  • Confidence to expand globally resulting in a far more valuable exit. 


This led to Christopher and Charles to start working for their network of business owners to scale their own businesses using their in-depth knowledge of offshore locations and best practises and so Potentiam was born. 

Meet the Team

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Christopher Lydiard-Wilson

Founder Director

Christopher was an early adopter of offshoring in Romania and India at EnergyQuote JHA, an energy consultancy he founded serving over 400 corporations globally.  

By the point of sale to Accenture in 2015 he had built up an off shore team of over 200 staff in multiple functions supporting a fast growing strategic team in the UK and Europe.   

In 2016 Christopher founded Potentiam to offer the benefits of offshoring to small and medium sized enterprises from offices in Romania, India and South Africa. 


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Charles Fenton

Founder Director

Charles was the founder of the international consultancy at EnergyQuote JHA and an early convert to offshoring as the only way to provide a scalable global platform for a global energy consultancy.  

As part of the Accenture acquisition in 2015, Charles went on to lead the European energy practice, developing an extensive multi lingual support team in Romania.  

He has a BA Degree in History from London University 

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Shafeequr Rahman 

Co-Founder, VP India

Has 20 years of experience in managing software development programs, the last 4 years at Accenture in energy technology. 

His greatest strengths are in team recruitment, people management, technical reviews and delivery control.  

Shafeequr has a MBA in information technology  

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Chantal Endemann

Global Head of HR& Head of South Africa

Global HR Manager with 15 years’ experience in technology, retail and hospitality environments across multi-location sites.   

Advisor to senior management teams on strategic and operational HR from talent management, career development, organizational design and scalability,   

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Cristina Ichim

Head of Romania HR

Cristina is exceptionally experienced with over 15 years of HR and management experience working for international companies in Romania. Her areas of expertise include Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, People Development, HR Digitalization, Reporting, Administration, Project Management.  Cristina's passion lies in equipping fast-growing businesses with the teams they need to thrive. 


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Anine Pretorius 

Head of Talent Acquisition South Africa

With an Honours degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Anine has over a decade’s experience in HR and Recruitment. Her experience spans across a wide range of local and international industries, including call centres, retail and FMCG.  She is passionate about helping SMEs accelerate their business growth by finding the perfect candidate for every role, and building strong, successful teams with cohesive cultures. 

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Tyrone Bester 

Global Account Manager

Having worked in the UK and Europe for over 14 years, and with a background in set-up, registration and operational support of over 40 subsidiaries and offshore Companies, Tyrone’s extensive experience and knowledge of cross-border challenges is invaluable in helping Companies scale their organisation and core teams in offshore locations.

Currently based in Cape Town South Africa, Tyrone works with Potentiam’s existing key Clients globally to ensure they meet their operational goals through the coordination of Potentiam’s internal teams to support Client business scaling from both a long-term strategic planning and execution perspective.

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Laurika Du Preez

Global Account Manager 

Laurika holds a Bachelor’s and Honors degree in Psychology and has extensive
experience in leading effective operations, people and business development functions while providing a high
standard of service and value to clients by building strong relationships focused on operational excellence. Reputed for delivering strategic leadership by managing
opportunities consistent with the clients’ strategy for revenue growth. Commercially astute with a strong understanding of business, driving customer advocacy and fostering positive stakeholder relationships.  Laurika’s professional background is mainly from the contractual labour and soft services industry.


Book a call with one of our offshore strategy consultants.

We can help you tailor a strategy that:

  • Enables 3-5 x faster profitable growth

  • Delivers significant free growth capital

  • Unlocks your most valuable human resources 

  • Lowers the risk of building new capabilities 



Potentiam's Offices Around The World

Lași, Romania

Offshore Location

Time: GMT + 2 hours
3 hours direct flight

Cape Town, South Africa

Offshore Location
South Africa

Time: GMT + 2 hours
11 hours direct flight

Bangalore, India

Offshore Location

Time: GMT + 5.5 Hours
11 hours direct flight

London, UK

Head Office

Time: GMT


Cape Town